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Strategy | Fundraising & Business Development | Capital Campaigns
Philanthropy | Impact Investing | Collective Impact Initiatives
Consulting | Project Development | Coaching
Serving organizations and leaders dedicated to building a Sustainable World.

Fundraising Strategy & Execution for Non-profit organizations

- Non-profit Organization Capacity Building and Fundraising Consultations

- Strategic Development Roadmap 

- Capital Campaigns

- Major Gift Development Strategies

- Lead or Support Execution 

Fundraising, Business Development for Companies, Investment Funds

- Design and Execute Strategies


Philanthropic Advising and Strategies

- Deep Listening to Values and Philanthropic Intent

- Design and Develop Innovative Strategies 

- Create Action-research, Multi stakeholder, Collective Impact, Shared Value Initiatives


Transformational Coaching for Leaders in Philanthropy, Business, Nonprofits

- Clarify your purpose and strategic roadmap, addressing both inner and external opportunities and blocks to realizing your mission

Venture Development

- 2020 Strategies partners with inspired investors, philanthropists, and strategic partners to innovate and develop new solutions or ventures for financing and achieving a sustainable world. 

Can we move nations and people in the direction of sustainability?  Such a move would be a modification of society comparable in scale to only two other changes: the Agricultural Revolution of 10,000 years ago and the Industrial Revolution of the past two centuries.  Those revolutions were gradual, spontaneous, and largely unconscious.  This one will have to be a fully conscious operation…if we actually do it, the undertaking will be absolutely unique in humanity’s stay on the Earth.    

William D. Ruckelshaus

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