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2020 Strategies offers inspired market leadership, developing new ventures and solutions to mobilize capital and collective movement for a sustainable world.  We bring a natural affinity for systemic design and organizing approaches to meet today's complex challenges with requisite speed and scale.  

The 2020 Fund, a 501c3 philanthropic incubator and convening platform, is a principal firm-led strategy for incubating transformational initiatives led by ourselves, clients, and collaborators.  It has incubated the 2020 Challenge Report, The 2020 Global Stakeholder Initiative, Campaign 2020 (C2020) Development, and several others (listed and linked below).  

2020 Strategies, LLC serves as the managing director of the Fund and also provides strategy, fundraising, business development, and project management services to projects incubated or hosted at the 2020 Fund.  501c3 Fiscal administration is currently provided by Triskeles Foundation. ​

Each of the following projects was designed to add value to the sustainability movement/market while also anchoring and incubating a vision for a global campaign enterprise (Campaign 2020) of people, organizations, businesses and governments dedicated to achieve one shared mission, a Sustainable World Transition.  

For the first time in our history, the entire human population is confronted with a predicament whose solution will require us to work together in a common enterprise that respects our rich diversity.   


Duane Elgin | 2020 Challenge Report

2020 Fund Donors


Mills Family Fund (founding donor)

Anne and Vincent Mai

King Baudouin Foundation (Belgium)

International Development and Research Centre (Canada)

Rockefeller Foundation

The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

Dow Canada

Rockefeller Brothers Fund

Carol Hexner

Louise Stern

Argosy Foundation

Principal Collaborators


Duane Elgin

Union Theological Seminary: Dr. Holland Hendrix, President; Dr. Larry Rasmussen, Reinhold Niebuhr Professor of Social Ethics

GlobeScan, Doug Miller, Founder & CEO

Denise Gentry, 1 By Nature

Sam Guarnaccia Music

Tennaxia, Bernard Fort, CEO

Triana Group, Jabril Bensedrine, CEO

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