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Bringing people together in support of a sustainable world. Events below are organized or and/or sponsored by 2020 Strategies.


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2020 Strategies


Social Impact Events

Organized by

2020 Strategies

Haas School of Business Social Impact Events

Haas School of Business Events

C-Suite and Corporate Sustainability Assessments....

January 18, 2020

The C Suite & Corporate Sustainability Assessments: How Smarter Tools Drive Performance, Investor Relations, and Communications

May 30, 2017

Investing to Achieve a Sustainable World – Perspectives on ESG Data’s Role in the Public Equities Market
Featuring Juliette Barr, Maria Mahl, Marcy Syms, facilitated by Deborah Stern. 
Business & Social Impact Series @ Haas School of Business, NYC Alumni Chapter 
Hosted by The Triana Group & Spark Labs

July 19, 2016

Investing in Innovation to Achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals
Business & Social Impact Series @ Haas School of Business, NYC Alumni Chapter 
Hosted by Cornerstone Capital Group, facilitated by Deborah Stern

October 06, 2015

Managing for Corporate Sustainability Performance and Finance
How Companies and Investors Are Using Leading Metrics & Data Management Tools To Make Smart Decisions, Drive Performance, & Build the World We All Want. 
Business & Social Impact Series @ Haas School of Business, NYC Alumni Chapter 
Hosted by Schiff Hardin, LLP, facilitated by Deborah Stern

April 21, 2014

Building the World We Want: The Role of Corporate Social Responsibility
Business & Social Impact Series @ Haas School of Business,NYC Alumni Chapter 
Speakers included The Governance and Accountability Institute sharing insights from their screening of hundreds of corporate sustainability reports annually; Alison Brock, Director of Social Impact Strategy IPG Mediabrands; Richard Rankin, COO of Ardsley Partners, investing in companies that offer a solution to the global energy and natural resources problem; Sophia Leonora Mendelsohn, Head of Sustainability at JetBlue Airways. Organized and facilitated by Deborah Stern.
Hosted by Deloitte 
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Sustainable Brands Events 

Sustainable Brands Events

October 01, 2015

8 Best practices for creating an exceptional CSR reporting system, a webinar moderated by 2020 Strategies founder Deborah Stern. 
Hosted by Sustainable Brands
Sponsored by Tennaxia

January 28, 2016

Smarter Metrics: How to Collect, Manage & Report on Sustainability Data More Effectively
Featuring  Bahar Gidwani, Bernard Fort, Daphné Dekermoal, Eli Reisman, and Deborah Stern
Hosted by Sustainable Brands
Sponsored by Tennaxia 

September 24, 2014

This workshop, led by a thought leader with a few decades of experience in the field, former Leader of the Sustainability Transformation & Sustainability Strategy practice at Deloitte, will reveal a new wave of practical tools aiming to help automate common sustainability-team workflows.
Featuring Daniel Aronson, Deborah Stern, John Williams, Reed MacMillan, and Emma Stewart
Hosted by Sustainable Brands
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Other Events

Other Events

May 16, 2013

What’s Your Part In The Great Work of Our Times?
A 2020 Strategies Workshop
Fairfield, Iowa

September 21, 2016

Session on Impact Investing
Organized by Rockefeller Philanthropic Advisors, facilitated by Deborah Stern 
Hosted at Ford Foundation
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