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This is what 2020 Strategies and our partners are working on. 


2020 Strategies is leading the development of the Capital For Climate solution to orient and power large scale investors with capabilities, tools, and collaborative mesh needed to mobilize the capital required to limit global warming by 1.5ºC. 


As a network undergirded by a smart platform, Capital For Climate (C4C) will orient large scale investors to highest leverage solutions and resources, helping them progress along the curve of opportunity with proven solutions like renewables to new frontiers such as sustainable forests, materials, agriculture.  


It is designed to knit together and power the hundreds/thousands of professional investors who have a mandate, many with little domaine expertise, to get the $1Trillion/year required capital moving for requisite impact and returns.  CC4C will offer a smart, shared toolset including analytics, investment opportunity maps, deal and investor databases, recommendations based on user inputs, matchmaking and syndication capabilities, research library, and a dashboard that keeps us focused on the real vital finance and science-based climate/Earth system targets. CC4C will consolidate and aggregate existing information flow to make opportunity actionable.


Initiated by a founding group of philanthropists, investors and strategic partners, we envision a membership/subscription business model to start.  

A market landscape study in support of a strategy aimed to solve the $42 Trillion SDG/COP21 Private Finance Challenge. 
Conducted by Columbia University School of International Relations and Public Policy Graduate Student Team in Spring 2017.
For more information and Concept Paper, contact us. 
In 2014, 2020 Strategies working with client Tennaxia, initiated an independent research initiative, ReScore  to investigate best practices in Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Data Management and Reporting.  (See Completed Projects for more info.)
The 2017 study is based on survey responses received from 60 global companies from various industry sectors (manufacturing, food, chemicals, logistics, energy, aviation, finance, apparel), of different sizes (from $1M to >$90Bn in revenue) and from different countries (26 North America, 23 Europe, 11 Asia).  2020 Strategies and fellow study sponsors provided comments and insights on the report and distributed it to our networks. 
A project led by 1 By Nature, with 2020 Strategies, LLC; incubated at the 2020 Fund. 1byNature designed 1Village Circuit, applying Nature’s whole design, implicit in quantum physics, to solve large-scale complex problems affecting our ability to achieve a sustainable future. 1Village Circuit, now in the prototype stage, is pursuing sponsorships and investments to launch a prototype initiative aimed at demonstrating a whole-systems solution. 
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