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Bringing people together in support of a sustainable world. 

SDG Philanthropy Platform Convergence 

Session on Impact Investing

Facilitated by Deborah Stern 

Ford Foundation | September 21, 2016

Business & Social Impact Series @ Haas School of Business,

NYC Alumni Chapter 

2020 Strategies is pleased to lead the Business and Social Impact program series, sponsored by the Haas School of Business, New York City Alumni Chapter. Deborah Stern organizes the panel, content, and often facilitates.

Special thanks to friend and colleague, Jabril Bensedrine, CEO Triana Group, for our collaboration.

Investing in Innovation to Achieve

the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Hosted by Cornerstone Capital Group | July 19, 2016

Managing for Corporate Sustainability

Performance and Finance

How Companies and Investors Are Using Leading Metrics & Data Management Tools To Make Smart Decisions, Drive Performance, & Build the World We All Want. 

Hosted by Schiff Hardin, LLP | October 6, 2015

What’s Your Part In The Great Work of Our Times?

A 2020 Strategies Workshop

Fairfield Iowa | 2013

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