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A project led by 1 By Nature, with 2020 Strategies, LLC; incubated at the 2020 Fund

1Village Circuit... 


Engages and builds a productive community of diverse system stakeholders in staged life-cycle development. 


Produces a 'whole-picture' view of the many inter-related aspects of the Standing Rock pilot scenario.


Engages the community in restoring and building relationships across diverse groups and our planetary relationship


Launches 'challenge campaigns' to generate 'whole-system' impact


Synergistic impact will be unlocked across the value chain.  



Humanity stands on a precipice, a precipice as big as when we discovered 'the Earth is not flat'


Outdated at the beginning of this century, the mechanistic, reductionist worldview derived from classical physics continues to hang on.


Ensuing human and industrial development based on competition and exploitation, led to planetary degradation and risk to a sustainable future.


Emerging in the forefront, the organic science of quantum physics presents a holistic, organic model of cooperation and reciprocity that can lead to democratic and socially just outcomes.


Given the scale and reach of the entrenched problems humanity faces today, a break from the 'old' reductionist view and function to a ‘new’ whole way of seeing, developing and organizing is required to achieve sustainability.



1byNature designed 1Village Circuit, applying Nature’s whole design, implicit in quantum physics, to solve large-scale complex problems affecting our ability to achieve a sustainable future.


1Village Circuit, now in the prototype stage, is pursuing sponsorships and investments to launch a prototype initiative aimed at demonstrating a whole-systems solution


Specifically, we intend to focus on the archetypal case of the “Standing Rock Challenge” to build the 1Village Circuit solution for solving this complex challenge.  The conflict between the Standing Rock Tribe – ETP – US Government, Army Corps of Engineers ‘conflict’ is a real time classic case involving the complexity of issues involved in achieving true sustainable development  This local issue contains all (or many) of the elements of the global sustainability challenge, and the divides that must be bridged to genuinely achieve a successful transition to a sustainable world (aka the SDGs) e.g. bridging the divide between:

First Peoples and nation-states

People and nature/water

People and people within the same communities

Political party to party

Business profits, environment, and community interests

Current fossil fuel dependency and committed investments, the need for new investments, our Earth system boundaries (i.e. climate change)

Existing global agreements (COP21) and incoming administration policy claims



Public Good will be placed above vested interest. Balance will be struck across corporate, environmental, social needs.


Reliable and critical information will be generated to see and solve a large-scale complex problem. Openness and transparency will be instilled.


The Public will be educated and engage cooperatively.

A civil, trans-partisan, participatory Democratic process will be demonstrated.


We will begin to up-end 'business-as-usual' and transition to new paradigms and development models. 


1Village Circuit will scale with a generative business model, benefitting the participants and further platform expansion.


to be updated January 1

$150 K seed, early January

$300-400K Round 1, Q1 commitments

$500-$750K+, Round 2, Q2+ commitments

The ‘local’ Standing Rock conflict has received global attention because it embodies so much of the challenge we humans face in meeting the sustainable development goals, and the spotlight will continue in 2017.  There is great uncertainty ahead at Standing Rock, and in our national and international approach to solving the energy future/climate change/justice/sustainable development challenge – thus a perfect prototype ‘problem’ for building this new whole system solution. 


To be clear, this is not a liberal project to fight Energy Transfer Partners and the new Trump administration, but rather a transpartisan, transsector, whole system approach to discovering and building a new path forward.  


We will engage some of the strongest leaders in cross-boundary dialogue, to support democracy to assert itself in behalf of the good of the whole.

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